Projext X: Shattering Expectations
More Than Just Promotions With Projext X

For us at Projext X, it’s not all about the sales – it’s about the people behind it. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a team of people who really love what they do.

We’ve worked hard to create a goal driven atmosphere filled with leadership and growth with the intention to make our clients and customers happy.

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Conversations That Do More For You

 We take time to learn about your brand. Our planning covers research of your target audience and the best avenues to create visibility. Our precise messaging gives consumers reason to talk.

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Tenacity Meets Passion

We have perfected our distribution channels. In fact, our proven system delivers 11 times the benefits of online and retail sales. This allows us to put your product on the radars to over 1,000 people each day, and up to 10,000 buyers during a 6-day campaign. 

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Following the Road Less Traveled

Projext X pays special attention to the development of our team. We reward our determined executives with immediate professional development and upward mobility. This has led to a high-caliber of managers establishing their careers for years to come.

Get the chance to work with a top notch team of executives.

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