February: Charly & Graison Travel to AZ

Once again, SME invests in sending our top representatives out to travel. This month we chose Pheonix, AZ. President, Devin Pollard selected campaign managers, Charly W. and Graison R. to pack their bags and head out. “These two have been consistently high performers in the office, it only made sense when our client needed a team to train on brand strategies that we sent these two.”

Graison R. has been with the team for about 6 months and scratching away at every opportunity to stretch her mentality and grow her skill set. “I feel lucky to have been chosen, in the last three months alone I have received paid travel to three different cities.” Graison shared, “I really look forward to gaining new experiences and apply it once I’m back to continue to work towards management.”

Charly W. went with the mindset to learn as much as possible from the client as well as other executive managers. Her focus was to create a system that she would be able to teach her team. She continues to work towards management and says her top motivation is to help others succeed.

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