How We Stay on Top of Our Goals

When it comes to achieving our biggest Projext X goals, there’s just no substitute for staying motivated. Around our office, we’ve discovered a few reliable strategies for doing just that. Here are our favorite ways to stick to the successful path, no matter how ambitious our objectives might be:

• Being Happily Accountable: To us, there’s no reason to view accountability as anything other than a gift. It’s a mind-set that leads to success, because it helps us measure our progress and make the right adjustments when needed. Being accountable is simply a matter of being true to ourselves and our goals.

• Asking for Feedback: This is the best way to find any blind spots and eventually achieve better results. We gladly accept input from our Projext X colleagues as well as our network connections. It’s amazing what you can learn when you have a little extra perspective.

• Learning New Things: We’ve found that constant improvement allows us to build confidence as we close in on our highest targets. By adding to our skill sets on a regular basis, we feel comfortable setting the bar higher with every win. As we ask tough questions and find rewarding answers, we equip ourselves for future achievements.

We use these simple strategies to our lasting benefit. To learn more about how we stay on track to hit ambitious targets, like Projext X on Facebook.

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