New Office Launch

New Office Launch

We are excited to continue to train and develop top-notch executives. This month marks the opening of our 2nd office in Seattle, WA with Executive Manager, Thomas McCombe. Having two local offices mean more growth and more opportunity for up and coming managers to our Seattle team.

The benefits of having two executives under one roof are gaining two perspectives. Devin Pollard, Standard Marketing President, offers six years of expertise in the industry.  He and McCombe both started as trainees and provide coaching from personal experience.

Due to our expansion, we now seek quality, motivated individuals who are eager to be part of a fast-paced growing organization. We anticipate a total of four to five new executive managers to rise from our local office. “The best quality someone will have looking to join our team is an open mind, and incredible work ethic.” Pollard states, “We work and play hard and we want to find professionals that we can eventually look at like business partners.”

To learn more about how you can be involved with our award-winning team call our human resource department at 425-264-5159 or email us your contact information at

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