Our All-In Strategy for 2020

We have every intention of making 2020 a year to remember for Projext X and the brands we promote. Our New Year’s resolutions include sticking together as a team, and helping each other improve every day. We also plan to enjoy a wide range of morale-building travel events, learning new insights and making new contacts every step of the way. As we pursue our challenging 2020 goals, we’ll be keeping the following strategies in mind:

• Measuring Progress Is Essential: We make our objectives as clear as possible so we can monitor the progress we’re making. When we know all the steps we need to take, it’s easier for us to understand where we are in the process, and how we can improve. By setting specific targets from the very beginning, everything that comes after is more manageable.

• Setbacks Are Chances to Improve: As important as it is to set clear goals, it’s just as vital to allow some margin for error. We look at every misstep as a chance to re-evaluate our plan and find ways to streamline our efforts.

• Goals Must Motivate: We want to be challenged by every Projext X goal we set. Whether it involves company growth or personal improvement, we make sure we’re stretching beyond our current skill set with every project.

It’s going to be a fun and rewarding year for Team Projext X. Follow us on Instagram to get regular updates on what we’re doing.

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