Our Commitment to Leadership Drives Our Success

One of our defining Projext X principles is leadership. We count on our frontrunners to be our examples, showing us the best ways to accomplish our goals while displaying the traits and behaviors that make trailblazers effective. There are other types of leaders besides those that lead from the front, from whom there are important lessons to be learned.

For instance, leading from behind is another Projext X leadership technique used for raising up other managers. This involves team leaders standing back and letting their teams take over, giving them the room they need to make their own decisions. In many ways this is a harder leadership style to adopt than leading from the front; standing on the sidelines while others take control requires patience and self-discipline, along with a dose of faith in the team.

Our most experienced leaders can adopt a flexible approach known as adaptable leadership, which involves both leading from the front and leading from the back, depending on the situation. This fluidity and flexibility is difficult to master, and requires a great deal of experience, people skills, and confidence. The results that can be achieved through adaptable leadership are second to none though, making the effort to learn this advanced skill worthwhile.

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