Our Learning-Rich Work Culture

Projext X is pristine in the way we do business. This is perhaps best reflected by the standards we adhere to when training new additions to our team. We make sure every new hire understands our core values and the importance of being a strong team player. From there, we provide hands-on education that prepares incoming associates for a wide variety of roles.

Interactive learning is a point of emphasis within the Projext X office. This takes the form of one-to-one coaching led by accomplished team members. We’ve found that this personal attention not only makes knowledge transfer more efficient, but also encourages stronger bonds throughout our team.

We also make great use of classroom-style training, including leadership classes that provide unique value for the future of our team members. The idea is to equip all our associates with the skills and knowledge they need to lead their own offices someday.

Travel also plays an important role in our commitment to ongoing learning. Our team members can earn their way to all kinds of industry events, including leadership conferences and all-expenses-paid retreats. Each trip is a chance to meet top leaders and learn what strategies they use to stay ahead of the game.

We position people for prosperity with our expansive training approach. Learn more about our system for developing all-around leaders by following Projext X on Facebook.

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