Our Team Nights Solidify Our Future

Business is blooming this spring at Projext X, with our team growing stronger than ever. Our many group outings play major roles in keeping our company ahead of the competition. Devin, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that our most recent team-building event was a bowling night that couldn’t have been any more fun.

Devin added that our team nights give us regular chances to learn more about each other on a personal level. This is important because it takes our collaboration on major projects to a whole new level. The more we understand about our teammates’ unique talents and positive traits, the better equipped we are to funnel our best attributes into winning outcomes.

Knowing our teammates always have our backs makes everything easier around the Projext X office. Our team morale also helps us add to our contact lists when we travel together. Having someone to vouch for our skills and achievements is always nice in a networking context. We help each other expand our contact lists in powerful ways when we make it a team pursuit.

The positive energy we build up during our team outings informs our expansion efforts as well. As we add to our portfolio, we enjoy showing business leaders what a fun and inspiring work culture we’ve created. Our reputation as an innovative firm that focuses on teamwork is growing.

We’re always planning another memorable team night. Follow Projext X on Facebook for updates on our morale-boosting outings.

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