PRESS RELEASE-Projext X Attends Memorable Retreat

TUKWILA, WA – A few of Standard Marketing Events’ top performers just returned from a retreat to Las Vegas. The firm’s Director of Operations detailed the event and shared some of his best advice for recognizing team members.

Projext X’ leaders always take advantage of any opportunity to bring team members together for memorable travel events. Devin, the Director of Operations, stated, “I was recently able to take two of our top performers with me to an R&R retreat in Las Vegas. This event was all about networking, awards, and lots of fun and relaxation. It was a great team-building opportunity, and we brought a lot of memories and valuable insights back to the office with us.”

Devin took Michael L. and Chelsea L. with him to the retreat. “It was great to watch these two high achievers interact with other accomplished people from our industry,” he added. “Catching up with old business partners is another side benefit of these gatherings, and I was even able to watch my mentor, Myke B., get promoted to the regional consultant level.”

The Director and his fellow Projext X leaders believe getting away from the office is perhaps the best way to strengthen bonds between team members. Devin commented, “Traveling together is ideal for gaining fresh perspectives on your work and life, and it also freshens relationships between colleagues. You can learn so much more about someone when you venture to a new place together, and our people always seem to come back to the office as more effective collaborators.”

Projext X’ Director of Operations Shares Recognition Tips

When it comes to recognizing team members’ contributions, Devin believes a solid strategy is an essential first step. “You have to align your recognition strategies with your company’s overall mission,” he said. “When your people understand how their efforts contribute to something greater than themselves, they are even more motivated to keep performing at high levels. That’s why retreats are such productive outings for Projext X; our associates get to have fun while they advance their professional development.” Devin added that this leads to better results for the company as a whole.

Devin also believes travel incentives make for relevant and coveted rewards. “It’s important for your recognition efforts to line up with company objectives,” he added. “That won’t matter very much if they aren’t things your people want to earn, however. Through unique travel opportunities and a variety of other incentives, our Projext X team members remain engaged at all times.”

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