SME: Travel Tips

Preparing for Business Travel

Here at Projext X, January marks one of our busiest times for travel. Multiple times a year we send out different team members to conferences, visit other marketing firms, and to participate in various product launches. Traveling has power, it allows you to stay stimulated and see things from a new perspective.

Here are some tips and tricks that #TeamSME uses to maximize our travel opportunities:

  1. Know the agenda. Knowing the details of your trip is a sure way to plan and prepare to gain what you came to do. Plan out what time is best for you to networking and game plan, but still, carve out some time for socializing and catching up with fellow associates.
  2. Make sure your home base is on the same page. Nothing is more distracting than texts and calls from your loved ones wondering when you will be home. Communication is the best policy in our book! Let them know when you are available to talk and when you will be back in town.
  3. Ditch the fast food and drive thru’s. We’ve all had those trips where we are constantly on the go and the most convenient option is to grab some fast food. Hit up the grocery store to grab some healthy snacks like apples, granola bars, assorted nuts or Greek yogurt. This food helps give us long-lasting energy throughout the day. Oh yeah- and don’t forget the water bottle!
  4. Always have a notebook. You never know when you might feel the spur of inspiration, keep a notebook on hand to keep track of ideas and things you want to bring back to share with your team members.
  5. Enjoy Yourself. With all the networking and learning that you’re doing don’t forget to stop and enjoy the moment. Some ideas: Dedicate one dinner to just friends at a local restaurant, visit landmarks, or simply set up an outing for you and close associates to do some team bonding.


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