We’re Ready to Keep Growing in 2020

As a new business, we can’t wait to tackle all our challenging goals for 2020. We’ve gotten Projext X off to a great start in 2019, so we have plenty of momentum for a great second year in business. Devin, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that we can’t wait to hire more incredible people to join our team and grow our company even more.

When it comes to all our hiring and expansion targets for 2020, we’re focused on getting as specific as possible. When we have clear visions of successful outcomes in mind, we’ve found that it’s much easier to stay focused and engaged day in and day out. Tracking our progress also becomes more realistic when we’re specific about our objectives. Knowing exactly where we are in the process makes all the benchmarks we reach that much more inspiring.

For us, having firm deadlines attached to our Projext X targets is also essential. There’s something about aiming for a date that helps us perform at our best and streamline our work. When we reach a certain deadline within a larger project, we also get a motivation boost that’s tough to match.

We have some pretty exciting goals to tackle for 2020. We’re confident that our dedicated team is more than up to the challenge. To keep up with our progress, follow Projext X on Instagram.

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